Anton is a composer, musician, pianist and tubist. He is also a scientist in his "other life" which explains his love of exploration, of improvisation, and of the creativity that gives solid form to these passions in his musical compositions. A musician who is grounded in the classical and passionate about modern expression, you'll find Anton's compositions worth exploring.
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1) Three Songs for Winds
        -for wind quintet
4) Brass Attacks
        -for brass quintet
6) Maelström
        -for piano trio
7) The Trumpet Shall Sound
        -for wind quintet

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Thank you for visiting my web site and listening to a sampling of my compositions. As a composer and educator, I would like to offer the following music opportunity: anyone who is interested in either learning or teaching any of my original compositions can do so ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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Because my intention is to share my music with other music professionals and educators without cost, I ask that my music be used solely in an educational and/or non-commercial application. All compositions are protected by copyright.


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Three Songs for Winds
Woodwind quintet and piano. Sustained chords lay players bare.

Comprised of three songs, the piece ranges from the very American-voiced, Copland-like "Song Without Translation" to the elegiac "Of Notes and Nucleotides." The third song, "Simple Gifts" showcases the Shaker dance song by Joseph Brackett in a new arrangement by the composer.

"My first composition. I love the sound qualities of all the winds, but especially of the double reeds. This piece began with bassoon lines I liked and the other instruments built up around those lines…similar to a ‘figured bass’ score."

Track Information
Full Track Length - 8:44
 Song Without Translation
 Of Notes and Nucleotides
    in memory of Prof. Nelson J. Leonard
 Simple Gifts
    composed by Joseph Brackett (1848)
    arranged by Anton
Michelle Stanley-flute, Michelle Orman - clarinet, Susanne Sawchuck - oboe, James Harvey - bassoon, Michael Thornton - horn, Deborah Schmit-Lobis - piano

The Little Bighorn
Tuba solo with piano accompaniment. Full sonic range of F tuba.

This tuba-piano duet showcases the range of the tuba in a lyrical composition that challenges the tubist in timbre and meter.

"I am a tubist since the fifth grade. The beginning of this piece is a kind of "sailor melody," which evolves into a tango of changing meter."

Track Information
Track Length - 6:00
in memory of James P. Nirschl

James Michael Dunn - tuba, Deborah Schmit-Lobis - piano

Variations on a Theme by Schumann
Piano solo. Some technically-difficult passages.

This is an exploration into the endless possibilities in any given theme—from lyrical to pulsing, from delicate to driven. The "Variations"—seven in all—are a wonderful teaching guide into creativity and form.

"This is based on Schumann’s “Wild Rider” or “Wild Horseman” (Wilder Reiter; 1848). Not strictly variation style; perhaps it is better described as “Variations and Fantasies on…” There are two allusions to horses in the penultimate section."

Track Information
Full Track Length - 8:44
Damon Stevens - piano

Brass Attacks
Brass quintet. Explores both interplay of diatonic and non-diatonic seventh tetrads.

A modern musical struggle of the seventh chords as they tug back and forth to a fanfare-like resolution. The composer experiments with the use of non-diatonic “major/minor seventh” and “augmented major seventh” chords.

Track Information
Full Track Length - 5:38
Justin Bartels - 1st trumpet, Dawn Kramer - 2nd trumpet, William Stanley - trombone, Michael Thornton - horn, James Michael Dunn - tuba

Adam’s Apple
An experiment in improvisation by combined string and woodwind quartets.

Turtle Island String Quartet meets Imani Winds! In this compelling improvisation, the strings and woodwinds trade leading voices in this musical conversation of peers. For those who want to explore, introduce or teach the art of improvisation, Adam's Apple is a valuable guide.

"Whatever happened to Schuller’s “Fifth Stream”? Classical musicians once improvised with aplomb. Surely this idea cannot be dead. This is a piece classically-trained musicians can use to dip their toes into improvisational revelry."

Track Information
Full Track Length - 7:58
Tracy LaGuardia - violin, Catherine Beeson - violin, Isaac White - viola, Charles Lee - cello, Michelle Stanley - flute, Michelle Orman - clarinet, Susanne Sawchuck - oboe, James Harvey - bassoon

Piano trio. Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s story, “Descent Into the Maelström” (1841).

A riveting programmatic composition, the piece dramatically spirals into the maelstrom with the interplay of the piano trio showcasing the vortex's power and beauty.

"A ship is pulled down into an enormous whirlpool. One of the sailors, who survives to tell the story, has a moment of clarity in the midst of the catastrophic event in which he marvels at the majesty of the natural phenomenon."

Track Information
Full Track Length - 9:25
Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio - violin, Dmitri Atapine - cello, James Winn - piano

The Trumpet Shall Sound
Section of Handel’s oratorio, Messiah, scored for woodwind quintet.

A multi-layered arrangement, this composition displays the intricacy and interplay so common to Baroque music. The piece is in memory of chemist-baritone Nelson J. Leonard, whose voice is played by the clarinet.

Track Information
Full Track Length - 3:51
composed by G.F. Handel (1741);
arranged by Anton
Michelle Stanley - flute, Michelle Orman - clarinet, Susanne Sawchuck - oboe, James Harvey - bassoon, Michael Thornton - horn